Vocal ensembles

Four Voices Based in Suffolk, Four Voices is a group of singers who have joined together to perform music ranging from opera to musical theatre. Their repertoire includes a mixture of solo and ensemble work which will appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes. They are available for concerts, recitals, parties and charity events

Shared Voices- a group of Suffolk and Essex singers who sing songs from around the world from the Balkans to Africa, by way of America and other parts of the globe.

Suffolk Harmony - mens chorus of Barbershop Singers in Suffolk. Note: Suffolk Harmony's website has closed down. Rehearsals were every Thursday from 7.30 at the Institute & Club, 122 High Street Needham Market (01449 720389). Any men interested who would like to attend, do not have to be able to read music, but do need to have a reasonable voice and the ability to "hold their own" in singing a part that may be different to their immediate chorus neighbour.